Domestic Ladder

ladder is developed from the top quality material and contemporary techniques in accordance with industry set standards-use a platform type stepladder – it provides safer support and a more stable working surface. Ladder can be used anywhere ,as official work, house, decoration paint & other related work .In India ladders are most in trends easily to carry ,fit in to small spaces.

Household Use Products

Household goods and products used within households. They are the tangible and movable personal property placed in the living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, family rooms, great rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, recreation rooms, hallways, attics and basements and other rooms of a house.

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Industrial Ladder

We keep a wide range of ladder for the customers which is made as per international quality standards. And this same broad range of ours is known for permanent and strong construction. In addition we use these ladders mainly for small purposes, such as street lights and for commercial use it is suitable for electrical work, domestic industry or any industry at any height.

Why joined with us.
    • 24*7 easily place products.
    • Free shipping of all products.
    • 5 years warranty of selected products.
    • Brand is fully certified with qualified technical team.
    • Various payment option like cod, Paytm, payment apps.


UP Ladders is capable of being individually identified. Apart from inspection before and after normal use we examined regularly by a competent person.

Ladders found to be defective should be suitably labelled or marked and withdrawn from service until repaired. The inspection should include checking rungs, treads, crossbars and stiles for defect (especially the 5 presence of compression creases in timber), rung to stile connections, ropes, cables and all fittings, locks, wheels, pulleys, rivets, screws and hinges. A record should be kept of these inspections.

  1. Is a ladder, step ladder etc the right equipment for the work?
  2. If so, is the equipment in good condition and free from slippery substances?
  3. Can the leaning ladder be secured at the top? If not,
    (b) if (a) cannot be achieved, will a second person stationed at the base
    provide sufficient safety?
  4.  Is the top rung level with the platform?Is there adequate handhold at the place of landing?
  5. Are there platforms at 9 m maximum intervals?
  6. Is the ladder angle correct?
  7. Is the support for the ladder adequate at both the upperpoint of rest and the foot?
  8.  Is the ladder properly positioned?
  9. If it is necessary to carry tools andequipment, has provision been made for carrying them so that the user can keep his hands free for climbing?
  10.  Ladders should not have any damage, lack of structural integrity, missing components or loose parts
  11. Only one person should use a step ladder at any one time and if steps are used in a doorway the door should be wedged open securely.
  1. Aluminium Patra
  2. Shoes Racks
  3. Aluminium Stand
  4. SS Full Stand
  5. Classic MS Plastic Stand
  6. MS Powder Coating Shoes Rack
  7.  Iron Table
  8.  SS Wall Stand
  9. Kings Jumbo & Jumbo Stand
  10. Classic Butterfly Ms Plastic Coated  Stand
  11.  SS Band Stand 15 Road

Up ladder & Industries is in business of excellence for over 3 years. Incarcerated in 2017 in a small town Muzaffarnagar, the company has a track record of delivering with customer satisfaction, irrespective of the order size. We are a trusted , customer-centric brand with experience in product design and manufacturing. Today Up Ladder & industries products are known for their reliability, safety, quality and ease of use.  We are leaders in the design and manufacturing of Aluminum ladders & domestic use products such as Ironing Boards, Cloth stand, Aluminum patra, etc. We have partnered with Net Distribution Services, a leading eCommerce and online store operator, to provide consumers with the convenience of buying our high quality products online and offline stores. With safe payment options, you are just a few click away from being a proud owner of Up Ladder & industries legacy with renowned customer service and convenience of having the products delivered to your doorstep.

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