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7 Feet Aluminium Ladder (7 Step).

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The 7 Feet Aluminium Ladder with 7 Steps is a versatile and essential tool for both home and professional use, designed to offer maximum functionality, safety, and convenience. This ladder combines robust construction with a lightweight design, making it an ideal choice for various tasks that require elevated access.

Lightweight, Strongly And Solidly Built

Crafted from high-quality aluminium, this ladder ensures durability and longevity, resisting rust and corrosion to maintain its integrity over time. Despite its robust construction, the ladder is remarkably lightweight, weighing just 5.5 kg. This makes it easy to carry, transport, and store, even for those who may not have significant upper body strength.

Perfect Dimensions For Various Tasks

The ladder stands at 7 feet tall, providing an optimal height for a range of indoor and outdoor tasks. Its dimensions are carefully designed to balance convenience and functionality. This ladder can be easily positioned and used in tight spaces without compromising on stability.

Step Design with High Loading Capacity

Featuring 7 well-spaced steps, this ladder offers a comfortable and secure climbing experience. Each step is designed with a non-slip surface to prevent accidental slips and falls, enhancing safety during use. The steps have a loading capacity of up to 200 kg, making them suitable for a wide range of users and applications. The heavy platform base further enhances stability, ensuring a solid foundation even during demanding tasks.

Heavy-Duty Hinges for Enhanced Durability

To ensure maximum durability and stability, this ladder is equipped with heavy-duty hinges. These robust hinges provide additional strength and stability, ensuring that the ladder maintains its form and function even under heavy use. This feature is particularly beneficial for professional environments where the ladder may be subjected to frequent and rigorous use.

Safety and Stability

Safety is a paramount concern in the design of this ladder. The wide base and sturdy feet provide excellent stability, ensuring that the ladder remains firmly in place during use. The feet are also equipped with anti-slippery shoes, which not only enhance stability but also protect flooring from scratches and damage. These anti-slippery shoes ensure a firm grip on various surfaces, reducing the risk of accidental movement while the ladder is in use.

Convenient and Practical

This aluminium ladder is not just about functionality; it’s also about convenience. Its compact dimensions mean it can be easily stored in a closet, garage, or even in the back of a vehicle. Whether you need it for changing light bulbs, painting walls, reaching high shelves, or conducting maintenance tasks, this ladder is a practical solution that meets a variety of needs.

Easy to Use

The ladder’s lightweight nature combined with its ergonomic design makes it easy to set up and use. It requires minimal effort to open and close, and its streamlined design ensures that it takes up minimal space when not in use. The aluminium construction means it can be handled without the risk of rusting, unlike traditional steel ladders.

Ideal for Home and Professional Use

Whether you are a homeowner, a DIY enthusiast, or a professional contractor, this 7 Feet Aluminium Ladder with 7 Steps is a valuable addition to your toolkit. It provides the necessary height and stability for a wide range of tasks, from routine household chores to more demanding professional projects.


In summary, the 7 Feet Aluminium Ladder with 7 Steps is a highly reliable, durable, and convenient tool designed to meet a variety of needs. Its lightweight yet sturdy construction, combined with thoughtful design elements such as heavy-duty hinges, a heavy platform base, a high loading capacity, and anti-slippery shoes, make it an excellent choice for anyone in need of a dependable ladder. Whether for everyday use or occasional tasks, this ladder offers the perfect balance of height, stability, and ease of use, ensuring that you can complete your tasks efficiently and safely.

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