Classic Butterfly SS Steel Coated  Stand


  • Quality metal sections protected by powder coat finish.
  • Three way folding for easy storage.
  • Straight design to be used for flat drying of delicate clothes.
  • Multiple rods to accommodate daily utility wash load.
  • Fully pre-assembled, making it ready to use when needed.
  • Best suitable for Indoor and light weight clothes.
  • Expands usuable linear space of 50 ft.
  • One stop-shop for home decor and furniture,
    Here ‘s Winter Comes ! Hard to dry wet clothes ? and Looking for Effective and Stylish Cloth Dryer Stand at effective price.
    Here we have solution……
  • This cloth dryer stand is made from Powder coated heavy duty metal and UV Resistant Plastic Parts.
  • It is especially designed to be a foldable clothes drying rack and can be used indoor as well outdoor.
  • It has sturdy base formed by step ladder legs.It Can Be Adjusted To Different Heights Depending On The Length Of The Clothes.
  • Easy To Fold And Store.
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